Architectural  Award  of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw

The Architectual Award is an Annual Presentation of the best Warsaw Bulidings established in the passing year.

The buildings nominated in the competition are the best realizations of the last year. This choice is made by a group of professionals from the Warsaw architectural environment. The assessment of the nomination is partly in the form of a public vote. The competition promotes high-quality solutions on the one hand, both architectural and technical, while at the same time turning attention to the social dimension of architecture.  For example, among the nominated buildings for 2016, there was a modest Prague implementation with training apartments for youth from children's orphanages.

The catalog design  took into account the elements of the event branding, designed by Anna Światłowska. The catalog's layout is based on a square motif.  The cover of the publication is a literal transferal of a square into an architectural third dimension.