A series of publications for the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects

Experts working on ideas for possible changes. This is the concept of the ​​workshops for professionals organized by the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects.

Every city has spaces, places or buildings which need to be revitalized or have their role redefined. In each case, every decision-making process, including its advanced stages, such as architectural competitions or legal arrangements, should be preceded by a discussion of possible solutions. The published series of books is a record of workshops and design initiatives inspired and organized by the Warsaw architects. As an invaluable testimony of intellectual work, the series provides a variety of solutions and prototypes developed by a group of specialists. Even though it is only a kind of soft design, its impact is already visible, for example, when terms and conditions of architectural competitions are prepared. The idea behind ​​the graphical layout of the series was to make it attractive at all levels: as an index of terms and phrases useful for non-specialists, and an interesting read for those passionate about architecture.