Muranów is a housing estate which was erected on the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Constructed in 1947, only four years after the heroic fight of the Warsaw Jews in the Ghetto Uprising and the final destruction of the Ghetto, Muranów marks the city’s nearly instant need to recover from the atrocities of the war. Built on the rubble, the new residential area was early on dubbed the “Housing Estate-Monument”. The original concept of the architects Bohdan Lachert and Józef Szanajca inspired an art installation presenting the multiple layers of history, architecture and ideology behind the final shape of the Muranów housing estate. The material used in the art installation, transparent Plexiglass in the form of single blocks, provided a reference point for the graphic design. Transparency on the border of visibility, that was the idea behind the choice of additional graphic materials prepared for the exhibition.